Hi! I'm

Nicole Doan

A curious

TDM Calculator by LADOT

My Role

UX/UI Lead, Research Lead

Value Proposition

Provide easier onboarding by reducing information density for real estate developers while helping LADOT ensure Transportation Demand Management (TDM) compliance.

TDM Calculator Landing Mock-Up


Jobs for Hope by LA Homeless Initiative

My Role

UX/UI Designer, Researcher, Presenter

Value Proposition

Streamline job search across multiple non-profit organiziations for individuals looking for a "paycheck with purpose".


Project has been recognized and approved by the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative, expanding our reach and technical capabilities as we continue development.

Jobs for Hope Landing Mock-Up

SpARk by OPSkins

My Role

Research Lead, Mobile Lead, UX/UI Designer, Presenter

Value Proposition

Bridge the engagement gap in classrooms by using interactive AR technology.

OPSkins Landing Mock-Up

Discovery Dash by Grid110

My Role

Research Lead, UX Designer, Presenter

Value Proposition

Reduce information density and cohort upkeep for Grid110 executives while providing meaningful networking opportunities for cohorts.


Grid110 executives expressed relief at our solution as they can now focus their energy and attention towards other facets of operating an accelerator program. Our designs have been handed off for further usability tests with an incoming cohort.

Grid110 Landing Mock-Up

I Make Stuff, With This Stuff

Comfort is the enemy of innovation (or something like that), so I put in that extra effort to keep the tools in my shed sharp and while adding new ones as they are available!

UX - User Experience Design

A/B Testing
Ethnographic/User Research
C&C Analysis
Card Sorting
Contextual Inquiry
Heuristic Evaluation
Information Architecture
Journey Mapping
SWOT Analysis
User Scenarios

UI - User Interface Design

Logo/Icon Design
Modular Design
User-Centered Design
Web (Adaptive & Responsive) & Mobile Design


Adobe CC (Illustrator, Photoshop, XD)
G Suite
MS Office
Post-It notes
Visual Studio Code
Whiteboard and markers

What is a Nicole?

I was a certified paralegal in a previous life, but something was missing; what was my value to the world? Even Clark Kent has to leave his cubicle to make a difference, so I reconnected with my root interest in helping people, being creative, and advocating for the voiceless and found myself in UX. It's been a wild ride, but this is where I've found my calling to make the world a better place.

When I'm not working or volunteering, I enjoy playing League of Legends (Cardboard-Tier Irelia main, ya'll), reviewing games and interviewing for the online zine, ConFreaks & Geeks, and practicing cardistry.

Who I've Worked With

I have been so fortunate to be able to collaborate with such a diverse group of companies and brands and look forward to new opportunities to show my chops!

Client Brands